MODACC (Catalonia region, Spain)

Guiding the adaptation of micro companies and SMEs to the new legal, sustainable and digital framework in the textile and fashion sector.

Consists of 52 brands, 71 production companies (garments in their own factory or managing suppliers), fashion trade: companies distributing fashion products, 12 fashion services, knowledge entities: universities, technological centers and /or knowledge centers linked to the sectors. 

Historically, Catalonia is one of the European regions with a strong textile industry. From XVI century to now, the industry has constantly evolved, particularly in the 19th century. Until 2005 it was mainly a manufacturing industry, which has managed to convert traditional companies into fashion brands with a global export. Today, the Catalan fashion sector represents more than 800 companies, 64.000 workers and 14.000Ms turnover. 

The current and foreseen new European directives and regulations will require an extensive adaptation of SMEs. The SMEs need to adapt their products to the new legislation complying with sustainable product requirements, i.e. Ecodesign requirements for textiles for a longer lifetime, products should be easier to repair, to reuse and recycle. In addition, prohibition of destruction of surpluses, avoiding microplastics, adopting the Digital Product Passport, address green claims and greenwashing, harmonizing Extended Producer Responsibility (RAP), reverse overproduction and overconsumption, etc. Modacc supports the necessary green transition by boosting the competitiveness of the companies through technological as well as non-technological innovation, internationalization, new business models, specialized training, and networking.

  • Create methodologies and measures for SMEs to adapt legislation and product requirements.
  • Analyze the companies’ situation and the products they offer.
  • Create a road map for the adaptation of legislation and product requirements for companies.

*Image generated by Neural Fashion AI

*Image generated by Neural Fashion AI