Pilot 1: TUIASI / REGINNOVA (Moldavia, Romania)

Additive manufacturing and 3D printing for sustainable crafted capsule collections

Includes clothing companies, the university, a cluster pilot in Romania, SMEs, high-end fashion brands, (i.e. Musette and Irina Shrotter), the Astrico Cluster, operating in the textile- clothing field focusing on innovative technologies and products, lasi Municipality, facilitating connections to and between artisans and craftspeople, and many others. 

Traditional crafts and occupations, still running in families and communities in Romanian countryside, hold great potential for the fashion industry, such as weaving, leather crafting, wool spinning, milling, traditional clothing, wall-carpet craftsmanship. Textile and Clothing are important sectors with a long tradition and key in the smart specialization strategy of the region. Given the expertise, and the many companies active in the field, the industry could, with the implementation of digital technologies and innovative partnerships, undergo a revival and turn into a competitive player in the European market. Piloting in the North-East Region of Romania will demonstrate the viability and value of additive manufacturing technologies in fashion and design for sustainability by developing capsule collections to demonstrate the large potential of 3D printing on the traditional crafted fashion items in the real industrial environments of the manufacturing companies. Apart from applying digital solutions to integrate the modern design with inestimable cultural heritage through emerging technologies, the pilot will evaluate the potential for replication for other industrial crafts, such as home and interior textile, furniture, and consumer’s goods. 

  • Develop skills and project-based training activities, where innovation in crafts is tested and demonstrated through 3D printing technologies. 
  • Creating and developing capsule collections (by students from TUIASI and Arts University), combining traditional manufacturing with 3D printing. Presentation of collections (fairs and fashion shows). 
  • Developing regional technology transfer capacity for 3D Printing & Crafting to be implemented in regional enterprises. 
  • Promotion, marketing, branding, advertising